Autoimmune Challenge Leads to Life-changing Program

"When I first meet Jeremy I had been experiencing pain due to a recently-diagnosed autoimmunity. My body needed attention, and I didn't know the language to speak with it. I was scared and ignorant, knowing little about physical training and feeling trepidation and insecurity about my inabilities. Today, I'm in the best shape of my life with a body awareness that evidently trumps the norm (and then some) and a level of activity, permanently integrated into my lifestyle, that supports my physical needs and overall wellbeing. 

Simply put, in the three years that I spent with Jeremy I was healed from a previous lifestyle of sedentary employment and body negligence, resulting in a routine adaption to minor chronic pains with a bit of extra weight thrown in the mix. My journey started with physical goals, hoping to leverage the benefits of training to avoid the use of pharmaceuticals for my autoimmune condition, but I slowly came to understand that, as the relationship to my body strengthened, I was on a spiritual path. 

Jeremy was my guide, managing progress, holding my hand when necessary, infusing the work we did with his healing capabilities. Ego can direct training so often, with vanity and pounds defining progress, and while at times I struggled with this I knew I could trust Jeremy's decisions being in my best overall interest, for the present and future. It's a process that reshapes a body, and rekindles a connection to it, from the inside out. This is rehabilitation with lifelong effects.

For me, those three years were life-changing. I can never go back to who I was, nor would I want to. I'm changed, and not only is that expressed in my physique, but also in my mental health. This is truly mind-body training, no matter how you intend to approach it, and there is no one better to drop your defenses with and trust unconditionally to guide you towards your goals."

Adam 36, Food Writer


He’s the Real Deal

"Besides having an excellent clinical understanding of the body, Jeremy also has a true gift for the healing arts. As a client of his, Jeremy helped me immensely with an injury and in my day job as a Pilates studio owner, Jeremy is my go to referral for clients looking for CranioSacral therapy. He's the real deal."

Nicole, Pilates Studio Owner & Teacher, Brooklyn NY


Foster Parents

"As Foster Parents, we often don't know the full medical history of the children that come into our lives. Our now adopted daughter first came to us when she was 1 month old, and we did know that she had some exposure to toxins in utero that caused stiffness and colic. Jeremy's treatments expedited her healing process and allowed her to be a more relaxed and content infant and toddler!"

Dann LG, Brooklyn NY


Lactation Specialist and Lecturing Partner

"I was introduced to Jeremy Quinby by a mom who I was working with as a Lactation Consultant. Her baby was miserable, suffering from painful reflux that was interfering with breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, and sleep. Medications had not helped this little one, and over a period of weeks mom expanded her search for help for her baby. She was referred to Jeremy, a CranioSacral Therapist in Brooklyn, for help.  Within a couple weeks I watched in awe as her miserable, pain-wracked baby was able to breastfeed beautifully, and required neither supplementation nor reflux medications.

As a Brooklyn-based Lactation Consultant, I've been collaborating and lecturing with Jeremy since 2005. He has an incredible ability to help families understand what their babies might be dealing with, and his gentle hands have helped so many of Brooklyn’s youngest residents with early issues of latching, swallowing, digesting, torticollis, eliminating and sleeping. I feel lucky to have had Jeremy’s skills and attitude of health and healing in our midst."

Judy LeVan Fram, PT, IBCLC, Brooklyn NY


Fibro-myalgia Recovery

"I was referred to Jeremy Quinby by my physical therapist. I had an autoimmune problem and wanted to get off the steroids I’d been taking for awhile. CranioSacral therapy was determinative in my recovery. Jeremy not only treated me physically but he encouraged me to be in control of the process and taught me how to strengthen my physical core with a series of exercises, which accelerated my improvement. I am in his debt and in awe of his caring and skill."

Susan Restler, Brooklyn NY


Happy Twins

"My visit to Jeremy for CranioSacral Therapy (CST) was upon recommendation of my lactation consultant. At the time, my 1.5 month-old twins (Ethan & Jakob) had issues with breastfeeding, which is not unusual, as they were born 5.5 weeks premature. They each had a poor latch and had a hard time relaxing. Jakob would stiffen himself up like a board, even while asleep! As this had not changed once they had reached their gestational age, it was suggested that we try CST to possibly calm the nervous system that had been so highly stimulated at birth. I came to Jeremy together with my mother and we had a wonderful warm and caring experience. It was fascinating to see how these little guys changed that day. I remember finally seeing my little Jakob just letting go and relax under Jeremy’s carefully placed hands and precise moves. After our session, the breast feeding experience really turned a corner and was a very enjoyable for the next 7 months to come. I highly recommend CST and especially working with Jeremy who is very knowledgeable and has a rare talent for mixing medical precision with warmth and relaxation." 

Sabine, Brooklyn NY


Two Hands Up for Jeremy

"I feel very lucky to have found Jeremy Quinby.  He's been the most pleasant part of my daughter's journey to recovery. When my daughter was born with Erb's Palsy, my husband and I were devastated and lost. Through friends we learned about Osteopathic treatments and immediately started seeing an Osteopath, DO after she was born. We saw some improvement, and then were led to Jeremy for CST.  

In our first visit to him, we knew we had found a true gem. When it comes to treating your baby, you not only want the best, but you want somebody that explains every step of the treatment. Jeremy really takes the time to explain; from his initial assessment to every follow up treatment. I have never experienced such professionalism in healthcare. At a time when other medical doctors, surgeons, osteopaths and therapists were not giving us hope, he would sit down with us and really help us understand our daughters diagnosis. My baby blossomed during the time Jeremy treated her. Every time we took her to see him, we would see improvement—it was truly amazing...he was really a god-send for us. 

Our daughter went from not being able to move her right arm (which was stiff at her side still at 6 mo.) to having full range of motion. She is now a happy and mobile 6 year old. To think that few years ago, I didn’t even know CranioSacral Therapy existed! Jeremy has continued to treat our whole family over the years for different health issues (stress, ear aches, migraines, etc) and we are so thankful to be in his hands."

Eni W, Brooklyn NY


Early Developmental Challenges Averted

"Although my daughters never had any 'issues' — both nursed well & developed normally — I wanted to make certain I had done everything I could to make their transition into the world as smooth and painless as possible. Two sessions of CranioSacral therapy with Jeremy were just what they needed. I still joke that the thirty most blissful moments of Eva's life was in Jeremy's hands! I also believe, deep down, that having sought out Jeremy so early in their lives — Ella was only two weeks old at her first visit — may have kept us from encountering the 'issues' that plague a number of babies. Thanks, Jeremy!"

Nicole, Mother to two, Brooklyn NY


No Judgement, Just Support

"We were referred to Jeremy by a lactation consultant we worked with when my daughter stopped 'latching' at about two weeks old. Both the LC and my pediatrician suggested that part of the breastfeeding challenges and my baby's inability to get her tongue out far enough to properly latch was due to neck stiffness along with her small size (she was 3 wks early and just under 5 lbs). Newborns seem so fragile and we had a hard time doing the neck exercises our pediatrician suggested - they made our daughter cry and seemed aggressive. 

I honestly had no idea what CST was but after the first session our newborn totally loosened up.  She immediately began to turn her head both ways more easily rather than favoring one side. Within a few sessions she began breastfeeding in multiple holds and positions with no problems and I believe the work we did with Jeremy played a huge role in our success. With Jeremy she was relaxed and happy!

In addition to the physical work he did with our daughter, Jeremy was a source of counsel and comfort for us as parents—he understood what we were going through and gave us practical advice. Quite frankly, as a man, he had a surprisingly keen understanding of the physical and emotional toll breastfeeding challenges took (as my wife pumped and bottle fed for about a month). Breastfeeding can be a really touchy issue and we felt a lot of judgement from various folks when we even hinted at giving up. Jeremy probably helped us the most with our ultimate breastfeeding success yet I never once felt like 'formula' was a dirty word with him and felt like he was totally supportive of however we would wind up getting our baby to eat and grow."

Dominick U, Brooklyn NY

Pro-Active Parents Take On In-Utero Event

"Our son has worked with Jeremy since his first month. We did not know what to expect but found the sessions to be a great preventative measure as well as an opportunity to monitor his development closely with the support of a specialist.  Our son had trouble latching and with some CranioSacral work he was able to latch on with no problems. We later needed to address some physical issues our child had as a toddler from an in utero seizure which was not being addressed by our pediatrician. Jeremy was able to free up the response that kept our son's legs stiff at 9 months and led us to a pediatric physical therapist. We recommend CranioSacral work for all infants and children. It is a great opportunity to monitor your child's development. Jeremy is great with children and gives parents the tools to be proactive and take a holistic approach to monitoring their child's development."

Toni C, Brooklyn NY


Long Labor Leads to Biting Baby

"Jeremy Quinby came highly recommended to us when our first son was born. After 36 hours of laboring at home, I was transferred to a hospital to have my son via c-section another six hours later. Breastfeeding was both very difficult and painful. Jeremy's CranioSacral work came up from both my midwife and my lactation consultant as an area to explore to get some relief.  We started seeing Jeremy when our son was about five weeks old.  Immediately, we felt reassured in Jeremy's presence and his healing hands worked magic on our son. Our baby was able to have up to 45 minute sessions with Jeremy. He would lay on the table cooing and looking at him, no crying or fussing; this has as much to do with Jeremy's calm demeanor and gentle practice as our son feeling comfortable around him. We worked together for about 5 weeks, after which, our son's neck rotation improved. During this time, his nursing improved too and his head, neck and mouth became more coordinated and worked together with more fluidity. We all directly benefitted from Jeremy's CranioSacral therapy."

Michelle S, Brooklyn NY


Sleep Deprived Supporter

"During my son Theo's first week after birth, he nursed almost constantly. My husband and I were exhausted struggling to get enough rest to function and still meet Theo's needs. We expected the newborn phase of parenting to be difficult, but the constant nursing and zero sleeping was an extreme situation for which we were certainly underprepared. When we took Theo to the pediatrician for his one-week visit, he had gained very little weight. Our pediatrician wasn't overly concerned, as Theo had gained some, but we felt something must be off because he was nursing so much and getting so little return. Our pediatrician suggested that Theo was a 'slow gainer,' and that things would even out in time. Likely that would have proved correct, but we couldn't face another week of around-the-clock nursing without trying something. I was referred to Judy, a lactation consultant who noticed right away that Theo wasn't actively swallowing, something two sleep-deprived parents had not caught. She helped us adjust Theo's positioning at the breast and taught us the signs of true swallowing versus jaw movement without swallowing. With this information, we were better able to coach Theo into more actively feeding. Judy also recommended that we take Theo to see Jeremy Quinby for CranioSacral Therapy, as she noticed tension in Theo's neck and jaw that was likely contributing to the nursing problems. At the first CST session, tension in Theo's face and neck visibly relaxed. His face became smoother and more symmetrical as we watched, and a tendency to twist his hips one way and his head another gave way to a lengthened position. He looked relaxed and calm - words we had not come to associate with our little one and his constantly furrowed brow.  

Theo has grown into a much happier, healthier kid. My husband and I are also more relaxed and rested, which makes us better able to care for Theo, each other and ourselves. At a time when our new family was at its most stressed and vulnerable, Judy and Jeremy gave us information, relief, and hope. We can't thank them enough."

Sarah M, Brooklyn NY


Pregnancy Pain Continued

"After my second pregnancy I developed lower back pain and tried everything — acupuncture, physical therapy and massage — to alleviate it. Nothing worked until I met Jeremy. His bodywork, combined with stretches and strengthening exercises, was the only thing that helped me recover. Jeremy has an amazing ability to determine what is going on in your body and has a broad knowledge of different disciplines that can help his clients regain full function and feel physically strong again."

MB, age 43


Competitive Sports Injuries Lose Battle

"I've been working with Jeremy regularly since 2012.  Jeremy's expert blend of massage treatment, strength and flexibility training and CranioSacral therapy has been enormously helpful to me. I have a background in competitive sports and a series of long term overuse injuries, primarily in the lower legs and hips. In our sessions together, Jeremy carefully focuses on the body as a whole. He has taught me the importance of a strong core and proper alignment in order to heal and move pain-free with increasing intensity. Two thumbs up!"

Eve, Producer, 38


Magic? Magic!

"Jeremy knows magic. Having been through every type of therapy for muscle and nerve damage and numerous broken bones suffered in a near fatal car accident, I was introduced to Jeremy from a psychotherapist. I credit Jeremy, his knowledge and the combination of CST with movement work over the past 2 years for helping improve my mobility, range of motion and balance - a combo that has been crucial to my recovery. Jeremy’s work with me has also opened pathways in the my thinking, helping me to navigate the medical jargon and become more proactive in my own personal health care. It has been a long recovery for me, but I am grateful to have someone like Jeremy who has been there as support through the whole process, and whose abilities I have come to trust completely — he has helped me learn to laugh again, something I lost for a while… Oh, and don’t forget the magic."

Mary, 47, Network Administrator / Computer Specialist


Artist’s Own Body Turns Creative Project

"I had very little sense of what I was getting into when my physical therapist sent me to Jeremy but I am endlessly grateful to her for doing so. In the course of a year working with Jeremy, I have come to think of CranioSacral therapy as a collaborative practice. He encourages and facilitates a way of working that leverages the many different kinds of communication that can occur via touch and via words. We try on names for feelings, pains, limbs, and let observation guide transformation. In my experience on the table, a practitioner's hands are a little like lightening rods, initiating, guiding, and making perceptible to me movements in my body that otherwise sit below my normal sensory capacity. But I would also describe what a practitioner does as a kind of listening and guiding as well as kind of grounding. What I have found most remarkable is Jeremy's capacity to show me through his practice how to I might better hear, feel, and regularly call back into tune my body and my self."

Carlin, 33, Artist and Doctoral Student


Different Levels of Healing

"The work I do with Jeremy's help, encouragement, and guidance has been more of a holistic journey than just trying to focus on my physical challenges. Jeremy's role has been almost a 'silent mentor.' I say this because he facilitates a deep healing process that touches the multi-levels of my wounds in a way I am not even aware of the skill and deep caring Jeremy consistently manifests. Even though I have experienced improvements in strength, balance and stamina, the greatest benefit I sense is the transformation of increased consciousness of my body and the different levels of healing.  That is to say, the path is being laid out before me one step at a time is simple, comprehendible, and tangible. I have developed a physical care routine for the first time since my motorcycle accident nearly 40 years ago."

Don, 65, Priest & social programs coordinator


Treating Whole Families

"I was first introduced to Jeremy — and the concept of CST — when looking for help with my then-toddler's sleeping and emotional regulation issues. Jeremy has a remarkably calm and friendly disposition and I immediately felt comfortable and well cared for. Since that first meeting almost 4 years ago, Jeremy has gone on to help me with back and hip problems, my husband with a frozen shoulder and my infant son with sleep/eating issues and hip dysplasia. I am a psychotherapist and I work with adults, many of whom have experienced trauma. CST can help clients release and process psychological and physical trauma. I have referred several of my clients to Jeremy and he has helped provide them with a treatment I feel is an excellent — and often necessary — complement to trauma-focused psychotherapy. Jeremy is a rare individual who I feel is truly gifted in his ability to see a person's entire system and quickly assess and provides an individualized plan. Whether it’s through CranioSacral work, massage, or physical therapy, Jeremy helps people heal."

Lissa, Psychotherapist, 40